«Nine steps for the door», Yusaku Fujiwara 2008-2009


Invasion by Spain in the 16th century. Independence. Mexican
Revolution. But the gap between wealthy class and mestizo and Indio
still continues.

Spain used the internal disturbance (insurgent to repel the tyranny of
the Aztec) for conquering an Aztec empire. Another factor has been
smallpox that Spaniard brought. And, again, USA used an internal
disturbance in the 19th century. As a result, Mexico lost the half of
the territory.


My father died of cancer in October 2008. The cancer cell creates blood
vessels to multiply by oneself. The line which I drew on the wall
images the blood vessel, the branch, the root, the way. Those are
connecting to the door. The red flower of southern country implies the
carcass of the butterfly or the heart as sacrifice of the Aztec. I
lighted candle of Christianity which is forced by Spain and took root
in Mexico. The title of this work is «Nine steps for the door». 9 means
suffering or pain in Japan. And 4(for) means death. We don’t know what
is waiting at the other side of the door.

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